4 Ways to Use Social Media to Expand Your Law Firm’s Online Presence

Gabriel Jun 15, 2020

Political disagreements, personality quizzes, and humorous memes; at first glance, social media might not seem like the ideal space for your law firm to reach potential clients. However, these digital platforms can be leveraged to attract repeat clients and new referrals. Here are few ways social media could help your marketing efforts:

1. Gives Your Law Firm Personality

Search for any business online, and there’s a high chance their social media accounts will appear on the first page of the search engine results. Google understands that users will often prefer to engage with a brand’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts rather than browse through landing pages and blog posts. People inherently seek out personal connections, even when they’re just looking for information. A social media account gives you the chance to present a more relatable version of your law firm, forging relationships with potential clients that would otherwise be impossible through your static pages.

2. Allows You to Share Information Easily

You’ve created informative content that you know could help users make sense of their legal issues. But how do you spread the word? While search engine optimization will increase the chances that your pages appear in search engine results, it’s not the only tool in your arsenal. Through social media, you can build up a formidable following and use daily posts to share articles with your connects, driving a steady stream of traffic to your site. Keep in mind that social media is the world’s biggest content distribution platform, and many users may never encounter your content unless they’re introduced to your law firm through these channels.

3. Boosts Your Website’s SEO

When you need to buy a new washer, a car, or gourmet pet food for your picky pup, you turn to an authority on the topic. Google’s algorithm emulates this behavior, directing users to sites that it deems to have authority on a particular search term. Gaining authority is a simple equation: create high-quality, SEO-driven content that users and other sites will share. The more shares you get, the more exposure your content sees, and the greater the chance of getting a backlink to it.

4. Helps You Understand Your Audience

When it comes to deciphering the needs of your target audience, raw statistics can only get you so far. Social media lets you interact directly with potential clients, which not only lets you make personal connections but also allows you to gain a better understanding of these users’ needs. For instance, if you start noticing a trend in the types of questions you’re receiving on these platforms, it might be worthwhile to create content on such topics to address this demand and attract traffic to your site.

Discuss Your Social Media Management Needs with a Digital Marketing Expert

Social media is a powerful tool for nurturing positive relationships with your clients and locking in new leads. But without round-the-clock management, these platforms could do more harm than good. At Sutton Digital Marketing, we’ve assisted hundreds of lawyers in leveling up their marketing efforts on social media. Whether you want to drive up engagement on Facebook or invest in ads on Instagram, we’ll handle your accounts so you can focus on your law firm without worrying about your online presence.

To find out more about our social media management service, call us today at 619-689-9936 to speak to one of our SEO experts. You can also send us a message by clicking here.

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