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Use Google Ads to target people who are actively searching for an attorney
Target specific types of cases in your particular area to attract ideal clients.

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For attorneys, the ideal Adspend budget for the first month is usually $3,000 to $6,000. This might seem like a lot, but in many circumstances, one case will be enough to cover that expense. And when it comes to Google Ads, it’s important that you don’t set the budget too low, or the campaign might not work for that reason alone.

Yes. The specific discount will depend on the circumstances.

Many Google Ads Management companies operate at scale, so they don’t invest the time and resources to implement the more technical strategies. For example, they might combine two practice areas into one landing page. They might not track conversions well enough for you to calculate your return on investment. Their landing pages may have grammar errors, or they might not adjust your bids often enough to maximize your ROI.

Our team doesn’t cut corners when it comes to creating Google Ads campaigns. We offer low pricing and discounted rates during the trial period so we can prove to clients that our strategies work before they increase their Adspend budget. We won’t lock you into a long-term contract; in fact, you will be able to cancel at any time.

We know the most effective techniques for designing landing pages to maximize conversion rate—i.e. to maximize the percentage of visitors who become clients. We use expert legal content writers to create the landing pages, and we provide detailed reporting so you can determine your ROI from the Google Ads campaign.

We are detailed when it comes to conversion tracking. We use both primary and secondary conversion tracking, meaning that we use conversion data on Google Ads as well as secondary services like Call Rail and Google Analytics. With our system, it is pretty easy to trace a new case back to the Google Ads campaign, and even to the specific ad that brought in the conversion. This will enable you to determine where your marketing dollars are most wisely spent, thus improving your ROI.

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