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  • November 18, 2019
  • by Gabriel Sutton

It’s no secret that ranking #1 on Google for target keywords can help you attract more clients. Our law firm SEO experts have helped over 150 attorneys reach #1 ranks for more than 800 keywords. The secret to our success is that we invest a considerable amount of time and resources into backlink profile development. We also employ highly effective techniques that remain unknown to even the most established attorney SEO consultants.

Law Firm SEO Works – And We’ll Prove It

Many law firm SEO companies are more interested in creating a scaleable system than providing the best possible services. They want to maximize profits by bringing in a steady stream of law firm clients. In the end, no single client receives the personal attention they deserve, and they are ultimately out-competed by other law firms in their city or state.

We take a different approach at Sutton Digital Marketing. We know where other SEO providers cut corners, and we use that knowledge to help our clients reach #1 ranks for the most competitive and valuable keywords. Specifically, we invest a considerable amount of time into helping our clients develop a more powerful backlink profile than their competitors through the production of exceptional and unique content.

Authoritative backlinks are the primary ranking factor on Google, and it’s also where most other law firm SEO agencies fall short. The reason: Getting valuable links from legal websites is very time-consuming, and agencies that focus on scaling up their services don’t have the time to do it right. At SDM, we believe in providing the best possible services to each individual client, which is why we intentionally limit the number of clients we take.

What’s Included in SDM’s SEO Services?

Many law firm SEO consultants offer a suite of SEO packages to choose from. But if you’re going to compete for the most valuable keywords, there’s only one real approach to take—and that’s to use every possible tactic to reach the top ranks.

At SDM, we don’t offer multiple packages for SEO services. We work with law firms that are serious about beating their competition on Google. Although we charge more than most other attorney SEO consultants, we also deliver superior results.

Our SEO services include:

  • Keyword Research: We will make sure your landing pages are fully optimized using the appropriate keywords in the right places. If necessary, we will redesign your landing pages so they look professional despite having exact-match keywords in the Headers.
  • HTML Tag Optimization: Your Title, Headers, and other HTML tags need to be optimized for search engines. It’s incredible how many SEOs will cut corners on this very basic and essential step. The reason why they cut corners here is because using exact-match keywords in the H1 tag sometimes looks odd, but if that’s the case, our team will take the time to redesign your landing pages. We offer the full package—and we won’t be satisfied until we have done everything in our power to help you capture the top ranks.
  • Landing Page Development: You’re going to need a dedicated landing page for almost every competitive keyword. Other SEO services might try to rank one page for multiple different keywords, but if you try this approach, chances are you will be outperformed by a dedicated landing page. At SDM, we don’t mind expanding your site if doing so is necessary to achieve superior results.
  • Landing Page Expansion: After we’ve optimized your pages on the back end, we will increase their word count. This is another critical step that many law firm SEO consultants skip because writing excellent legal content takes time and expertise. But at Sutton Digital Marketing, we specialize in writing legally accurate content for attorneys. In fact, we started off as a law firm writing agency, and dozens of attorneys (and SEO services) hire us to handle their content.
  • Blogging: We’ve written thousands of blogs for law firms, so we know which topics drive traffic and which ones don’t. We actually invest a considerable amount of time in getting individual blogs to rank well. We will ensure your blogs are unique and insightful enough to attract backlinks from high-authority websites. With this approach, we can reach top ranks for blog topics that have already been extensively covered by other law firms.
  • Backlink Profile Development: We’ve already mentioned backlink profile development a few times on this page—and that’s because it plays such an integral role in search engine optimization. It’s also one of the factors that set SDM apart from other SEO companies. We devote a considerable amount of time to producing content that is capable of attracting high-authority backlinks because we know this is the secret to helping our clients outrank even the most established legal websites.
  • Negative SEO Protection: Some SEO agencies use underhanded techniques to tarnish the SEO ranks of their competition. For example, they might pay a “link farm” to link to your site dozens of times, which would tell Google and Bing that you are paying for links, and this can lead to having your site removed from the search results. We will combat these dishonest strategies by carefully monitoring your backlink profile and disavowing spammy links. 
  • Local SEO for Law Firms: No doubt you’ve noticed the list of law firms that appears underneath the Google map. These are local search results, and ranking well on that list requires different strategies than reaching top results on the general search listing. Our team knows those strategies and can put your law firm in the best possible position to reach top ranks in local search.
  • Social Media Management: Our search engine optimization package comes with social media management. We will make sure your social media pages are optimized and professional, and we will share your blogs so you don’t have to. 

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