What Sets the Best Law Firm SEO Experts Apart?

Gabriel Sutton

It’s no secret that reaching the top ranks on Google for target keywords is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a law firm’s website. But with so many attorneys competing for the same keywords, it’s important that you hire the very best SEO expert if you’re serious about ranking well for high-value search terms.

Unfortunately, many SEO agencies talk a big game but then deliver mediocre results. Even if they’re able to improve your search ranks, they might not get you the #1 result for the most relevant keywords for your law firm. At the end of the day, hiring the right SEO expert could be the difference between wasting thousands of dollars and becoming one of the most powerful, respected, and profitable law firms in the country.

Read on to learn a few qualities that set the best law firm SEO companies apart from the rest:

1. Most of Their Time Is Invested in Backlink Profile Development

There are plenty of SEOs out there—the vast majority, in fact—that skip on even the most basic and essential SEO tasks. But even if you hire a top-tier SEO company, they might still cut corners when it comes to developing your backlink profile. The reason—getting authoritative legal websites to link to your landing pages is incredibly time-consuming and labor intensive. Before you hire an SEO, ask them to approximate the number of non-directory links they can acquire from legal websites each month.

2. They Write Exceptional Content on Technical Legal Topics

Many law firms hire an SEO company only to find out later that their content is riddled with legal inaccuracies. They are then forced to write the content in-house, which is an incredibly tedious and time-consuming process to do correctly. Ask to view blog posts and website content that the marketing agency has written for law firms in your same practice area. If you’re not impressed, perhaps the SEO would be willing to reduce your rate if you agree to bring the writing in-house. Alternatively, you could hire an expert service that specializes in legal content for lawyers, or you could look elsewhere for SEO services.

3. They Guarantee Results

Many SEO agencies do not offer a guarantee, or they offer a useless guarantee that doesn’t really make them accountable if their SEO strategies are ineffective for your website. The best SEOs are so confident in their system that they will at least guarantee to increase your website traffic by a particular percentage or will work for free until that percentage is met.

Get a Quote for Law Firm SEO Services

At Sutton Digital Marketing, we offer the same guarantee to each of our SEO clients: We will increase your website traffic by at least 10% within the first 16 weeks, or we will continue our SEO services for free. We have never had to continue our services for free because our system is incredibly effective—even on websites that have already been optimized. To learn about our system or to get a quote, send us a message or call 757-777-9084 (USA) or 236-602-0377 (Canada).

What Sets the Best Law Firm SEO Experts Apart?


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Gabriel Sutton
Gabriel Sutton

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