4 Tips for Writing Personal Injury Law Blog Posts

Gabriel Sutton

A personal injury can derail someone’s life in countless ways. In such trying times, many accident victims turn to Google for answers. Their problems are very real, and you, as a personal injury attorney, have the knowledge and experience to help them. But without an informative, easy-to-read blog and a well-optimized website, most of these users will never know you exist.

Simply put, your blog is more than just an accessory to pump out information into the digital space. Used effectively, it’s a powerful marketing tool that can help your law firm climb the search engine rankings to make sure your site is the first these users see. But without the right steps (and a deep understanding of SEO techniques), this cutting-edge tool is nothing more than a blunt instrument. In this article, we share our tips for getting the most out of your law firm’s personal injury blog posts:

1. Keep It Punchy

Take a look at any content that thrives online; it’s sharp, to-the-point, and packs a punch. Users have endless information available to them, which has made most incredibly selective about what they do—and don’t—read. Understandably, these users are unlikely to want to power through a dense wall of text that makes little effort to simplify complex legal terms. While, yes, this content may be legally accurate and informative, it won’t grab their attention and turn that click into a consultation. Your move? Write in short, easy-to-digest sentences that prioritize clarity.

2. Structure for Readability

It’s not just the words you use and how you use them; a successful blog post also needs to be structured and formatted for readability. For example, if this entire post was just one block of unbroken text, your mouse pointer would be hovering over the “Back” button before you’d even read a single word. Smart use of headers, subheaders, paragraphs, and bullet points can help break up complex information into bite-sized, readable pieces that make your content substantially easier to read and comprehend. Plus, readability or scannability can have an impact on your performance with search engines.

3. Incorporate SEO

This three-letter acronym can start to seem like a four-letter word, but incorporating SEO into your blog posts is mandatory if you hope to gain any traction online. Implementing best practices will ensure that you’re checking the boxes with search engine algorithms. However, these so-called best practices are constantly changing, and staying abreast with the latest developments involves a never-ending cycle of research, testing, and adaptation.

4. Understand Your Target Audience

Before you start writing, you should first ask who you are writing this content for. Is it truck accident victims looking to file a claim? Do you want to reach out to family members seeking compensation for a wrongful death? Having an understanding of your target audience will help you not only better identify their issues but also empathize with their current situation. By creating content geared toward this audience, you will ensure that most users—if not every user—that clicks through to your site is looking for the services you’re offering.

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Tips for Writing Personal Injury Law Blog Posts


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Gabriel Sutton
Gabriel Sutton

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