3 Tips for Writing Divorce Law Blog Posts

From disputes over child custody to controversies over asset division, divorce can get messy. Unsurprisingly, people who are filing for a divorce are often feeling anxious, confused, and completely overwhelmed. It’s in these turbulent times that many turn to the Internet for information to help allay their fears and guide them toward a favorable resolution.

You want to make sure that when they punch in their search query, your site is at the top of the list. You also want to ensure that your content offers real value and will convert them into a client.

Here are just a few ways to improve your divorce law blog posts:

1. Know Your Target Audience

Even talented writers can make the mistake of creating content that isn’t geared to a particular reader’s interests. The result: an otherwise well-written piece that just doesn’t connect with anyone.

Your goal is to turn that next click into a consultation, and as such, every post needs to make a real connection with the reader. Who is your target audience? What answers are they searching for? How can you help them? When writing a post, the answers to these questions can guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you only include relevant information that speaks to the users you’re hoping to convert into clients.

2. Pick the Right Topics

The battle for digital real estate is often won (and lost) based on the strength of the topics. Pick a topic that’s irrelevant to your target users, and you may attract the wrong audience. Choose keywords that have already been monopolized by other law firms, and your content may never be seen. Selecting the right topic is a delicate balancing act that requires both an understanding of your target audience and an in-depth knowledge of the most valuable search terms. Strike that balance, and you’ll tap into a rich stream of potential clients.

3. Write Compelling Intros

Their marriage may be at its end, but your client-attorney relationship is just beginning. Your introduction not only will set the tone for how users interpret your content, but it also could impact whether or not those users choose to hire you to handle their divorce case. The right topic will get a user to click through to your site; a great intro will keep them there. In your opening lines, you need to show that you empathize with their situation and have experience successfully resolving similar cases.

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Tips for Writing Divorce Law Blog Posts


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