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  • November 18, 2019
  • by Gabriel Sutton

Our legal content writers understand the intricate differences in the laws of each state. We know how to avoid misstatements of the law and adhere to lawyer advertising restrictions. Our content is 100% original and incorporates the latest SEO standards. We will write one free trial blog post for your law firm to show you the quality we bring to the table. We also offer law firm SEO, website design, and social media marketing.

Our Legal Content Writers Are the Best at What They Do

If you’ve ever hired an SEO service or even a practicing attorney to write blogs for your website, there’s a good chance that you were disappointed with the outcome. Writing concise, legally accurate copy is incredibly difficult. It requires a talented writer who understands how to research state-specific statutes and case law and explain complicated subjects in a way that your website visitors (i.e. potential clients) can understand.

At Sutton Digital Marketing, we have written more than 4,500 blogs for attorneys over the past eight years. We are very particular about the writers who we hire. In fact, only 5% of the writers who we train for law blog writing end up making our team, and we only let well-qualified applicants—many of whom have law degrees—enter our training program in the first place.

Just because someone has a law degree doesn’t make them a good legal copywriter. It takes many years of practice working closely with a talented and highly experienced editor to develop the skillset needed to produce exceptional blogs for law firms. And that’s the kind of writing we offer at Sutton Digital Marketing—clean copy that impresses even the most particular attorneys.

Test Our Law Blog Writing Service with a Free Trial

Very few legal website content writing services offer free trials because attorneys are very critical of the content that goes on their website. But time after time, our writers beat the expectations of even the most meticulous lawyers.

Not only do we have a mastered understanding of grammar and SEO content structure, but we also know the best resources to use when coming up with legal blog topics and researching complex subject matter. The bottom line—if you want blogs that require little to no editing, there’s no better option than the legal content writers at Sutton Digital Marketing.

What Makes a Great Law Firm Blog Post?

Most of our new attorney clients have the same concern; they want to make sure our content is legally accurate and clean so they don’t have to spend much time (or any time at all) editing it. And when they see the quality we bring to the table, they’re so impressed by our understanding of complicated legal topics that they often overlook the other elements of our blogs that make them so exceptional.

Below is a brief overview of what goes into writing a great law firm blog:

  • Legally Accurate: There are several reasons why we listed this point at the top. First and foremost, very few writers can produce legally accurate copy, and this is what sets our writing team apart. Also, it’s important that your blogs convey expertise while still being understandable to the average person. This requires a high-level understanding of the subject matter. 
  • The Right Topic: After writing more than 4,500 blogs for attorneys, our team knows which topics attract the most high-value traffic. Our goal isn’t just to bring more visitors to your website; it is to attract potential clients. That means we use topics that would be of interest to your target audience. We answer the questions they might ask, help them understand complicated legal terms, and provide detailed breakdowns of legal procedure. If you also invest in our SEO services, we can get backlinks to your blogs so they will outperform blogs with similar topics that are on other attorneys’ websites. 
  • A Compelling Intro: The secret to writing a compelling intro is to make a personal connection to the reader by appealing to the problem that the content solves. In many cases, the reader is facing a legal issue that has the potential to upend their entire life. They may have been seriously injured, or they might be facing a child custody dispute. Perhaps they want to complete a high-stakes real estate transaction. Whatever the circumstance, there’s a good chance that your readers have a lot on the line. The intro paragraph is the perfect place to demonstrate that you understand what they’re going through, and you’re going to help them solve their problem. 
  • Clean Grammar: It goes without saying that grammar mistakes aren’t going to send the message that your law firm wants to convey. Our law firm blog writers adhere to a modified version of the Associated Press writing guide. We also edit each piece of copy at least three times before submission (usually five times). 
  • Scannable Structure: Many readers don’t have the time or patience to read an entire blog post. They’d much prefer to scan the subheadings to get the gist of what the content offers. Part of our editing process is to scan the subheadings and confirm that the reader can get the gist quickly without having to delve too deeply into the content. 
  • Links to Relevant Landing Pages: This is a very basic and essential part of getting the most SEO value out of a blog post, but many SEO agencies skip this critical step. As a client of Sutton Digital Marketing, you can rest assured that we will follow all standard SEO practices. We will also incorporate proven SEO strategies that many writing agencies and even some SEO consultants do not know.

Qualities That Set Our Law Blog Writers Apart

If you’ve already worked with a legal content writer or SEO agency before, chances are you were disappointed with the quality of their writing. The unfortunate truth is that finding a talented legal content writer is almost impossible. Even if the writer has a law degree, there’s no guarantee they have a thorough understanding of the specialized topics that pertain to your particular practice areas.

At Sutton Digital Marketing, we’ve been producing legal content for more than a decade. Over that time, we’ve developed proven systems to research and write legally accurate blogs and website pages that pertain to highly complex subject matter. This might sound too good to be true, but 99.9% of our writing for law firms is approved without any revision requests. In fact, most of our clients no longer review our content before publication because they know the quality we bring to the table.

Below are a few qualities that set us apart from other legal content writing services:

  • A Mastered Understanding of Complex Legal Topics: Time after time, our writers impress even the most meticulous attorneys by providing legally accurate content that pertains to complex subject matter.
  • Extensive Editing Experience: All of our writers are seasoned editors who have an in-depth understanding of Associated Press style. We also edit each content piece at least three times before submission.
  • A Thorough Knowledge of SEO: The Google search algorithm has become increasingly proficient at identifying well-written content, but it is still important that your blogs and website pages are structured for search engines.
  • Each Blog Is a Team Effort: Each blog and landing page is edited by an Associated Press Stylebook expert with a background in legal content editing.
  • We Also Upload and Optimize Content: If you don’t have time to upload your content, our team can publish and optimize it for you.
  • Revisions Are Almost Never Requested: Revisions are requested for only about 1 in 400 blogs and website pages that we write. This is a testament to the considerable time, effort, and research that we invest in every single content piece.

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