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  • December 25, 2016
  • by Gabriel Sutton

Our legal website content writers specialize in creating legally accurate blog posts and website pages for law firms. Our writing is 100% original and adheres to the latest SEO standards. We have written more than 4,500 blogs, articles, and website pages for attorneys in almost every practice area. Test the waters today by ordering your free trial blog post.

Why We’re the Best Legal Website Content Writers

Many of our law firm clients have worked with legal content writing agencies in the past. Almost all were disappointed with the quality of the blog posts and website pages they received. The unfortunate reality is finding a talented legal content writer is almost impossible since they need to have a strong grasp of technical topics in addition to compelling style and clean grammar.

At Sutton Digital Marketing, writing content for lawyer websites is our specialty. We actually began as a legal content writing service. Our team knows how to write legally accurate content that is 100% original and adheres to the latest SEO standards. Our quality is so exceptional that many of our clients—even some of the more meticulous ones—don’t review our work before publishing it.

What Goes Into Creating Stellar Website Content and Blogs for Law Firms?

Wring high-quality content for law firm websites isn’t easy. But at Sutton Digital Marketing, we have a system for producing impeccable blog posts and website pages that convey legal expertise and professionalism while still maintaining a conversational tone. Below are a few qualities that go into creating stellar content and articles for law firms:

  • Legal Accuracy: It goes without saying that publishing content riddled with legal inaccuracies won’t send the right message. Your clients want to know that you have a strong grasp of the statutes, case law, and procedures pertaining to their situation. That means you need a writer who is well-versed in the subject matter. Our team has a talent for producing content that reads as if it was written by a highly experienced and well-credentialed attorney.
  • 100% Original: If you hire the wrong legal website content writing service, you may end up getting duplicate content that was stolen from another site. This not only could lead to a Google penalty and destroy your search ranks, but it could also result in accusations of copyright infringement.
  • Adheres to the Latest SEO Standards: Our writers stay up-to-date on the latest search engine optimization strategies. We write website content that contains a sufficient word count and incorporates links to relevant landing pages.
  • The Right Topics: After writing more than 4,500 blogs for attorneys in almost every legal practice area, we know the topics that attract readers who are actively looking for a lawyer.

How Does SDM Choose Topics?

Many legal content writing services only choose simple topics. They prefer to avoid subjects that require a discussion of relevant statutes and case law. At Sutton Digital Marketing, we don’t shy away from writing blog posts about technical legal topics. We base our blogs on actual statutes, case law, complaints, and research from high-authority sources.

Our ability to write about complex topics not only means we can help attorneys establish themselves as authoritative experts, but it also means we can accept topic requests.

Our typical system for choosing topics is as follows:

  1. You would choose the practice areas you want to target
  2. We would research what your target audience would be searching for
  3. We assess the competition for the highest-value topics
  4. We put together a list of topic suggestions
  5. Your law firm can modify, remove, or add topics as you see fit
  6. Once we agree on the topics, a weekly or monthly blog production schedule will begin

The process is largely hands-off for our clients since our content requires little to no editing. You won’t have to worry about whether your topics are optimal because our team will handle the legwork for you. And if you ever have topic requests, you can rest assured that our team will produce a comprehensive and well-researched blog with your target audience in mind. 

How Often Should I Publish Law Firm Blogs?

The ideal blog post schedule depends on the circumstances. A lot of SEO agencies will tell you that the more blogs you write, the better your website will rank on search engines. There’s an element of truth to this because publishing content regularly tells Google that your site is a good source for fresh, high-quality content about your practice areas. But at the end of the day, guest blog posting—i.e. getting blogs published on high-authority legal websites—is really what will help your site climb the ranks, and that’s our team’s specialty.

If you only hire our writers to produce content because you already have an SEO provider—and your SEO provider is not doing comprehensive guest blogging, which is almost certainly the case—it would probably be ideal to publish six new blogs per month to your site. However, if we are doing your SEO, part of our system will be comprehensive guest blogging. In that case, it is likely that you would only need three to five blogs per month to compete for top ranks. 

Does SDM Offer Free Revisions?

Yes we do, but it is unlikely that you will ever require revisions. We only get revision requests for about 1 in 400 blogs and website pages. And usually, those revision requests are minor. While we do have some clients who make small changes to blogs before publication, those changes are usually just cosmetic in nature to make the writing more congruent with the attorney’s preferences.

Will My Content Be 100% Original?

Absolutely. We Copyscape test every blog before submission.

Posting original content is essential for a number of reasons. Not only could duplicate content hurt your search ranks, but it might also lead to an accusation of copyright infringement. Many attorneys learn the hard way that the writer or SEO provider they have hired is copying large chunks of text from other websites. This is especially common in regard to legal content since it is so technical in nature. But as a client of Sutton Digital Marketing, you can rest assured that our team will perform due diligence to ensure the content we write for you is original.

Are Upfront Payments or Contractual Commitments Required?

No. We typically do not ask clients to pay upfront or enter into a contractual commitment.

The only times when we might request an upfront payment is if a client has regularly missed payments, or the client is ordering a substantial amount of content in a short period of time. Because there are no contractual commitments, you will be able to stop ordering blogs from us at any time.

Will My Content Be Reassigned to a Low-Quality Writer After the Free Trial?

Absolutely not. The reason why we are able to provide our services without a contractual commitment is because we have an incredibly high client retention rate. This would not be the case if we reassigned projects to low-quality writers after the free consultation. 

What Sets SDM Apart from Other Attorney Blog Writing Services?

There are dozens of legal content writing services that claim to offer exceptional content. But if you’ve ever hired one of these services before, chances are you were dissatisfied with the quality you received. Perhaps they misstated the law, or maybe they violated attorney advertising restrictions by promising a particular case outcome.

At the end of the day, writing top-tier blogs and website pages for law firms is incredibly challenging. But at Sutton Digital Marketing, we know what it takes to beat the expectations of attorneys in any legal field. This might sound too good to be true, which is why we offer free trial blogs—so our clients can see the quality we offer before paying a cent. And since we don’t require contractual commitments, you will be able to discontinue at any time.

In the end, there’s no risk involved in letting our team take over your blogs, but there’s certainly a lot to gain: more free time to focus on your firm, content that helps establish your practice as a legal authority, and improvements to your SEO.

Here are just a few qualities that set us apart from other law blog writers:

  • Exceptional Grammar: Our writers and editors have a mastered understanding of every popular stylebook. We base our in-house grammar on the Associated Press Stylebook, though we do deviate from it in some cases to make the content more appealing to readers. For example, we might throw in passive voice here and there or have some pronoun-noun plurality disagreement, but every deviation from AP style serves a specific purpose, which is usually to make the content less formal and more reader-friendly.
  • Decades of Digital Journalism Experience: We are very particular about the writers we hire, and our training and feedback processes are intricate. Our writers and editors have more than 100 years of collective experience in digital journalism. Not only is our content legally accurate, but it also incorporates a style that is tailored for conversions and SEO.
  • Thorough Knowledge of Popular CMS Platforms: Whether your website is hosted on WordPress, Wix, or another content management system, we can provide a full content service by uploading your blogs and website pages and even sharing them on your social media profiles. Our clients love that they can be hands-off when it comes to content production, which not only saves them time but also saves them the money they would have paid to their website manager to upload the content.
  • We Know How to Find the Best Topics: Many law firm blogs feature topics that have little to no chance of attracting a reader who is actively searching for an attorney. If you’re a car accident lawyer, for example, some writers might produce a blog titled, “5 Common Causes of Auto Accidents.” But there’s little to no chance that someone who is searching for that topic is actually in need of legal services. Our team will always prioritize topics that offer real value to people who are actively searching for a lawyer in your particular practice areas.
  • We Meet Deadlines: Whether you hire an SEO, website designer, or blog writer, the digital marketing industry is rife with so-called “professionals” who can’t stick to a deadline. This can make it impossible to keep a marketing campaign organized. At SDM, we are dedicated to getting content submitted or published on time.
  • Little to No Editing Is Required: Very few law firm SEO agencies are able to produce top-tier content, which is why most attorneys have to produce their blogs in-house. Our team specializes in writing legally accurate, grammatically correct blogs that require little to no editing.
  • We Are SEO Experts: Blog writing and SEO go hand in hand. We always structure blog posts for maximum SEO value. That means using titles of a particular character length, subheadings that have the potential to capture Google snippets, and image alt text that is tailored to the specific topic.
  • All Content Gets Edited Twice: We employ a comprehensive editing system that ensures our clients don’t have to waste their time editing our content. Each blog and website page is edited at least twice before submission or publication.

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