3 Qualities to Look for in a Legal Content Writer

Gabriel Sutton

If you’ve ever worked with a law firm SEO agency or a legal blog writer, there’s a good chance you were disappointed with the quality of their content. Writing legally accurate, 100% original blogs and landing pages for attorneys is incredibly challenging. It requires a mastered understanding of complicated legal topics, flawless grammar, and the ability to explain complex subject matter so it can be understood by the average person.

Read on to learn a few qualities to consider when hiring a lawyer content writer:

1. An Impressive Portfolio

When you ask to view a writer’s portfolio, you should expect them to show their best work. That’s why you should be specific; ask to see content that was written specifically for your practice areas.

Even if you’re impressed with the portfolio, you shouldn’t make any long-term commitments until a trial blog has been written. Be sure to ask for a screenshot of the Copyscape results for the trial blog so you know the writer hasn’t copied large chunks of material from other websites—which not only is illegal but can also lead to a Google penalty if you publish the content on your site.

2. Experience Working as an Editor

Without question, editing experience dramatically improves a writer’s skillset. If the person you hire has worked as an editor, this is a sign that they have strong grammar skills and are talented enough to provide feedback to other expert attorney writers.

3. Great References

Ask for references from other law firms that have worked with the writer in the past. If other attorneys were pleased with their work, that’s a good sign that the writer is skilled enough to deliver consistently clean copy.

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Qualities to Look for in a Legal Content Writer


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Gabriel Sutton
Gabriel Sutton

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