4 Elements of a Good Personal Injury Law Blog

Gabriel Sutton

On the surface, writing your own legal blog content seems simple enough. After all, this is your area of knowledge. However, the content of these posts is just one aspect of creating a successful personal injury blog. You need to go not one, but many steps further, integrating SEO strategies, picking smart topics, and honing your voice to connect with potential clients. Let’s explore a few more important qualities your law blog should have:

1. Your Posts Are Legally Accurate

While most writers can wax lyrical about the latest trends, gossip, and TV shows, few have the background to produce well-researched, legally accurate content. While you may think a lawyer is best suited for this task, this content still requires a writer’s touch. A great writer can maintain legal accuracy while writing in a relatable fashion, distilling complex concepts down to comprehensible bite-sized phrases. It’s this ability to simplify without muddying the waters that sets the top writers apart.

2. You’re Choosing the Right Topics

A bad topic can sink a blog post before you’ve even typed a single sentence. For instance, you may pick a topic that has already been monopolized by other law firms and, as a result, stands little to no chance of climbing the search engine rankings. Or, your topic might not address your clients’ needs, resulting in a post that attracts the wrong users.

At Sutton Digital Marketing, we’ve written more than 4,500 posts for attorneys, arming us with the experience, research, and expertise to identify high-value topics for your law firm.  Our aim isn’t just to spike your traffic numbers but also to make sure those clicks turn into consultations. We will research your target audience to determine which topics are most relevant and create content that addresses their queries in a way that is informative and easy to understand.

3. Your Posts Are Typo-Free

Nothing turns off potential clients quicker than content that’s riddled with errors. Not only do spelling mistakes and poor grammar make your law firm seem unprofessional, but it’s also hard to boast about knowledge in a specific area of the law when you’re bungling the basics. At Sutton Digital Marketing, we edit all copy at least three times before submitting or uploading. This ensures we catch any errors before they can cause damage to your law firm’s reputation.

4. Your Intros Are Compelling

You have only a few seconds to grab a reader’s attention before they back out of your blog. Your topic gets a foot in the door; your intro is your chance to score an invite inside. It should come as no surprise that writing a great intro is at the heart of producing successful content. If your opening salvo isn’t punchy, that user may be gone forever. Use your intro to demonstrate that you understand what the reader is going through. The reader may have a lot on the line. Maybe they are suffering from a disability and seeking compensation or want to find out about trucking insurance laws before filing an accident claim. By writing in a way that shows that you empathize with the reader’s situation, and being clear that you are going to help them solve their issues by answering questions in the rest of the content, you’ll get them to keep reading.

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With the right approach, your blog can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. At Sutton Digital Marketing, our writers have the talent and expertise to get the most out of every post. To discuss your legal content writing requirements with a member of our team, give us a call at 757-777-9084 (USA) or 236-602-0377 (Canada). You can also reach us via our Contact Form.

Elements of a Good Personal Injury Law Blog


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Gabriel Sutton
Gabriel Sutton

Gabriel is the CEO of Sutton Digital Marketing and an Internet marketing specialist with more than 10 years' experience. He is also the founder of SearchCopy, a content writing agency, and PennyGeeks, a lead gen website for car insurance companies.