3 Elements of a Good Divorce Law Blog

Gabriel Sutton

Nobody likes to talk about divorce, but with an estimated 40% to 50% of marriages coming to an end through divorce, there are thousands of people searching for information on the topic on any given day. As an attorney, you could attract far more cases by writing blog posts on useful topics and employing SEO to push those blogs to the top ranks on Google.

Unfortunately, getting to the top is not straightforward. Not only are you competing with other law firms, but your content also has to take into account the constantly shifting search engine algorithms used to rank your site and its posts. Used properly, a blog can propel your law firm ahead of the pack.

Here are a few elements every good divorce law blog should have:

1. Strong Intros

Your in-text icebreaker is your one, and often only, chance to hook the reader. For this reason, a weak opening salvo is your digital kryptonite, sinking any hopes of turning that click into a consultation.

Writing a great intro is no easy feat. Our team of writers has spent years honing their craft to produce engaging content that grabs the reader’s attention from word one. The trick? Readers going through a divorce (or considering one) are in an incredibly trying stage of their lives, and they are seeking stability and guidance. Your intro needs to convey empathy and make it clear that you can solve their problems.

2. Vetted Topics

Far too much emphasis is placed on the number of website visitors rather than the quality of each lead that comes to a website. Traffic is only worth its weight in raw numbers if you’re attracting the right users. A topic might perform well, but because it’s not targeted at the right audience, that traffic isn’t translating into new clients. At Sutton Digital Marketing, our team of writers understands how to utilize topics to draw in the desired audience. We will also structure and write content in a way that makes it easier for your readers to understand difficult legal concepts and proceedings.

3. Scannable Structure

The average person is bombarded with endless information from the moment they wake up until they go to bed. This has made many people adept at scanning through subheadings and bullet points, picking out only the most relevant or interesting parts. Now, if you create content that is, let’s say, just a wall of text, these users may scroll from top to bottom without absorbing any information. With that in mind, it will benefit your blog to structure content for scannability. By using succinct (but descriptive) subheadings to order your post and lists to divide information into bite-sized pieces, users will be more likely to engage with your articles.

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Elements of a Good Divorce Law Blog


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Gabriel Sutton
Gabriel Sutton

Gabriel is the CEO of Sutton Digital Marketing and an Internet marketing specialist with more than 10 years' experience. He is also the founder of SearchCopy, a content writing agency, and PennyGeeks, a lead gen website for car insurance companies.