Do Your Legal Blogs Call Potential Clients to Action?

Gabriel Sutton

SEO marketing experts know how to get potential clients to your website. Attorney blog content writing experts understand how to keep them engaged. What is your strategy for turning a blog reader into a client lead?

It’s not enough to assume readers know what to do with the information you provide them on your legal blog. They may not understand how your firm can help them, or how to properly get in touch for more information. This is why a law firm’s online marketing strategy cannot stop at good legal content.

If your firm has invested the time and money to attract potential clients to your blog, why wouldn’t you go the extra mile to encourage those readers to take the next step and pick up the phone?

How to Write a Compelling Call to Action

This is where a call to action comes in. The technique is as it sounds: a call to potential clients to take an action.

The way to craft a call to action is to start by identifying what you would like a legal blog reader to do. Examples may include calling your firm for more information, or filling out an online contact form.

The harder part is writing your call to action in such a way that readers feel compelled act. This goes beyond listing a phone number or email at the bottom of a post.

A compelling call to action gives your audience a reason to act. This may vary depending on your marketing strategy, your audience, and a blog post’s content. In any case, it should be clear why a reader should act, and why they should act now.

A reader may not know that waiting to seek legal advice could adversely impact his or her case. For example, they may not understand that a statute of limitations may restrict how much time they have to initiate legal proceedings on certain matters. Creating a sense of urgency makes a call to action more compelling. 

How Incentives Can Help Drive Leads

A strong call to action also explains why a potential client should contact your firm and not the competition. After reading your content, you want a reader’s next decision to be to pick up the phone. You do not want them to start searching for a firm that can meet their needs. This is a two-step process:

  1. Explain how your firm can help the reader
  2. Help make their decision to contact you an easy one

This second step may include offering a free consultation or providing access to additional resources upon request. Whatever the offer, it should act as an incentive that further calls potential clients to action.

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Do Your Legal Blogs Call Potential Clients to Action?


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Gabriel Sutton
Gabriel Sutton

Gabriel is the CEO of Sutton Digital Marketing and an Internet marketing specialist with more than 10 years' experience. He is also the founder of SearchCopy, a content writing agency, and PennyGeeks, a lead gen website for car insurance companies.