3 Common Ways Law Firm SEO Companies Cut Corners

Gabriel Sutton

If you’re not an SEO expert, you might not know if the law firm SEO agency you’ve hired is investing enough time into your marketing strategy to outperform the competition. At the end of the day, marketing companies are businesses like any other. The more clients they can take on, the higher their profits will likely be. Unfortunately, there are plenty of SEO providers out there who care more about expanding their customer base than helping their existing clients reach #1 results for the most valuable keywords.

Read on to learn a few of the most common ways SEO providers cut corners:

1. Not Publishing Enough Guest Blog Posts on Legal Websites

You probably know that creating a blog on your website is essential for SEO. What you may not know is that guest blog posts are just as important – perhaps more so – than blogs on your site.

Publishing quality content on authoritative domains is one of the most effective ways to build your website’s SEO. This process is called “link building,” and every time an indexed link to your site appears on another domain, it serves as a “vote” to tell Google that your landing page contains helpful content.

Unfortunately, getting guest blogs published on high-authority websites takes a considerable amount of time. And often, the best sites won’t publish guest content unless they have a relationship with the writer. If your SEO isn’t getting at least five links to your landing pages each month, it may be time to look at other providers.

2. Failing to Disavow Harmful Links

A healthy link profile is essential for capturing top search ranks, but some links can actually hurt your SEO.

Why? Google knows that some marketers use black-hat link building strategies to save time and money. This involves publishing a lot of low-quality content on low-authority domains, or simply paying a link farm to post links on spammy websites.

Black-hat link schemes could lead to a Google penalty, which could hurt your ranks and would likely remove your site from the first-page results.

The solution? Disavow or remove harmful links.

Your SEO expert should be monitoring your link profile and disavowing harmful links as they show up on their analytics tracking software. If this isn’t happening, it is likely that your ranks are suffering as a result.

3. Writing Landing Pages That Are Too Short

Google knows that longer landing pages tend to provide more insight to readers. As such, landing pages with higher word counts tend to rank better than shorter ones. As a rule of thumb, the ideal word count is at least 1,800. You can also look at the top-three pages that are ranking for your target keywords and find out how many words are on those pages, and then write a landing page that is significantly longer.

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Common Ways Law Firm SEO Companies Cut Corners


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Gabriel Sutton
Gabriel Sutton

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