5 Tips for Writing Medical Malpractice Lawyer Blog Posts

Gabriel May 24, 2020

They entrusted their doctors to help them heal, only for that promised recovery to turn into a never-ending nightmare of complications and additional costs. Faced with these unexpected challenges, victims of medical malpractice often feel vulnerable, scared, and completely alone. What they need right now is steady guidance, accurate information, and compassionate legal representation.

Your law firm’s blog can be their safe shelter in the storm. By writing informative, easy-to-read posts that seek to solve the reader’s challenges, you will not only help ease their anxieties but also give users a reason to click through to your site. Unlike a billboard, or even a television slot, your blog gives you an opportunity to connect with your reader on a deeper level, forming a relationship that will extend beyond the frontpage of your website.

But for your blog to thrive, you need to understand how to create compelling content. Use these tips to elevate your next posts:

1. Structure for Scannability

A dense wall of text will only stand between you and your readers, not bridge the gap. Readers prefer to scan through subheadings, bullet points, and infographics to pick out relevant information. Format your content so that even at a quick glance, your readers will get a gist of what your content offers.

2. Write for Your Reader (Not Other Lawyers)

While you have an in-depth understanding of your area of the law, the average reader may struggle to grasp even the most basic concepts. You should avoid legal jargon wherever possible and expand on these terms when it’s necessary to use them.

3. Open with a Powerful Intro

Victims of medical malpractice are often facing daunting legal issues while dealing with extreme pain and emotional distress. Your introduction needs to demonstrate that you empathize with their situation and that you have the knowledge to help guide them through the weeks or months ahead. Keep your sentences concise but relatable. Remember: the goal is to form a meaningful connection with the reader.

4. Edit, Re-Edit, and Edit Again

If a client walks into your offices only to find you lounging on the sofa reading a magazine, he or she may think you are lazy, uncaring, and unprofessional. In your posts, typos and bad grammar are your proverbial couch potatoes. These errors immediately make readers doubt the validity of your information or question your professionalism. Hence why editing is often the most important part of the writing process. It’s advised to edit your content multiple times, using each revision to not only iron out bloopers, but to also tweak your wording and phrasing until your content is sharp, concise, and squeaky clean.

5. Optimize for Search Engines

It’s estimated that 380 new websites are created every single minute. And with each of those sites churning out page after page of content, you’re contending with near-infinite players for a spot at the top of Google’s search engine rankings. The solution? Search engine optimization. Search engine algorithms prioritize well-written content, but producing quality work is only the first step of the optimization process. You will also need to implement up-to-date SEO strategies and structure each post for search engines. These strategies can range from researching high-performance keywords and topics to sharing posts on social media.

Order a Free Trial Blog Post

With a comprehensive SEO strategy and great content, your blog can be used to expand your online presence and help your posts reach more clients than ever before. At Sutton Digital Marketing, we can assist with all elements of managing your site, from writing 100% original, legally accurate blog posts to overseeing your social media accounts.

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