4 Elements of a Great Law Firm Blog

Gabriel Feb 22, 2020

You’re knowledgeable in your area of the law and have spent years working as an attorney, but for some reason your legal content just isn’t clicking with readers. Don’t worry; running your own law blog may look simple on the surface, but it’s a complex undertaking few legal professionals have the free time to truly master. In this article, we discuss the fundamental ingredients of a successful law firm blog post and the benefits of outsourcing your content needs to high-level attorney content writers.

Rules for Writing Your Law Firm Blog Posts

The blank page is a daunting prospect, even more so when you have to create well-written, engaging, and 100% original content for your blog. However, by following a few simple rules—as outlined below—you can ensure that each article you publish sends the right message, helping you and your law firm connect with clients on a deep, meaningful level.

1. Start with a Compelling Intro

If your intro falls flat, the rest of your content essentially doesn’t exist. You have precious few seconds to capture the reader’s attention before they click through to another site. Squander even a sentence and you’ll sink any hopes those users start scrolling. But what makes a good intro?

The secret is to make a personal connection to the reader by appealing to the exact problem your content solves. Chances are the reader is dealing with a serious legal issue that is threatening to upend their entire life. It may be a crippling injury, a high-stakes real estate transaction, or a condition caused by medical malpractice. Whatever their circumstances, you need to write in a way that demonstrates not only an understanding, but also sincere empathy for their situation.

2. Choose the Right Topic

The right (or wrong) topic will make or break your blog post. Pick a topic that is too general and you’ll be competing with countless established websites that already have a secure foothold in the search engine rankings. Focus on a topic that just isn’t profitable, and you’ll attract no traffic at all.

Landing on that perfect topic, that straddles the line between pointful and profitable, is a delicate balancing act that takes years to master. Not only do you need to have an in-depth understanding of the latest SEO standards, you also need to constantly monitor and track keywords to identify the most relevant search terms for your content.

3. Structure for Scannability

Scannability, the ease at which readers are able to comprehend your content, lies at the heart of successful legal website content writing. While most areas of law are complex to understand, it’s your ability to communicate the most important elements of your field and how they affect your reader that will determine the overall quality of your content.

Complex language and legal jargon will confuse or even alienate users. However, by taking your audience into account and structuring your blog posts for scannability, your content will be more accessible, engaging, and likely to encourage readers to return.

4. Incorporate Proven SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization is vital to your online presence. Ignore it and your content will never gain traction, leaving you languishing near the tail end of the search engine results. However, if you’ve been writing your own lawyer blog content, you already know how difficult it is to please Google’s ever-changing search engine algorithm. It takes hours of testing and research to keep up to date with the latest SEO strategies and to develop practices that work for your specific area of the law.

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