3 Ways to Leverage Your Best Legal Blog Content

Gabriel Feb 14, 2020

Sometimes a piece of content strikes a chord. It creates discussion among readers, attracts positive feedback and generates new client leads. Thousands of people share it even if they’re not familiar with the publisher.

These blog posts can be hard to replicate. Their success can be the result of a strong topic, an issue’s newsworthiness, or the shock value of the piece.

Fortunately, you don’t need to get a million viewers for every blog you write in order to attract more leads. There are several steps your law firm can take to reach a wider audience for almost every piece of content you write. Here are three ways your law firm can leverage its best legal blog content:

1. Bring It to a Wider Audience on Social Media

Like a good SEO strategy, sharing content on social media should be a priority. It is a tool for driving traffic to your legal blog. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may not be where potential clients look for legal insight, but it is no doubt where many of them spend much of their time. Content written with a specific audience in mind can be shared directly with that audience through social media.

Leveraging hashtags and trending topics can also help your content reach new audiences. So, too, can sharing content within discussion groups and pages dedicated to certain topics.

2. Turn It into a Guest Post or Column

Legal news sites, media blogs, and online publications are constantly looking to update the content they offer to their readers. This is an opportunity legal blogs can leverage. With little extra effort, submitting a guest post or column to another site can expose your insight and firm to new and diverse audiences.

If you have written a post about a timely and significant topic, consider the potential clients who would benefit from reading it. Next, think of and research sites that would most likely be visited by those audiences.

For example, motor vehicle accident victims and the general public may be interested in reading a personal injury firm’s blog post about a precedent-setting award to a severe bodily injury victim. This means the content may be a good fit for local news publications, organizations that offer support to such victims, and sites dedicated to personal injury or motor vehicle accident news.

3. Create a Lead Generator

A particularly useful way to leverage your existing legal content is to repackage a post as a new product, such as a short PDF document or e-book. The point is to offer a more in-depth version of a post that gets sent to readers via email. This is a win-win proposition: a potential client receives useful information from your law firm, and your firm receives the name and email address of a potential new client.

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