3 Ways a Writer Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Blog Content

Gabriel Feb 22, 2020

Engaging legal blog content is one of the best ways to attract potential clients to your website. It is also an effective way to showcase your law firm’s expertise.

Creating compelling content, however, is often easier said than done. It takes time, as well as an understanding of what clients are looking for. Here are three ways a professional writer can improve your law firm’s blog content:

1. They Know How to Keep Readers’ Attention

After analysing 2 billion website visits, U.S. data analytics firm Chartbeat discovered that 55% of web users spend less than 15 seconds on a given page. That provides law firms with a very narrow window in which to grab readers’ attention and keep them on your site.

This is where a writer can help. A professional writer understands how to craft a message in a compelling way. They know the kind of content that potential clients look for.

A talented legal writer will maximize the seconds of time your content has with a reader. They will write in a way that quickly establishes trust and piques readers’ interest. A writer does this by communicating valuable and relevant information in an upfront and compelling way.

2. Writers Offer a New Perspective

Knowing a subject too well can make it difficult to see that subject through a layman’s eyes. A writer who works regularly with law firms understands the importance of accuracy in legal content writing. They also understand the kind of content a potential client will be looking for, and how to write it.

For example, a writer ensures legal terminology is properly explained in plain language. They are able to do this without sacrificing accuracy or altering a piece of content’s meaning.

Writers also know how to read legal blog content from the perspective of a potential client. This is important because a piece of content may inadvertently raise more questions than it answers. A good writer identifies these questions and ensures that a blog post readily provides answers.

3. They Apply Best Blogging Practices

A professional writer knows and applies the writing techniques that turn good legal blogs into great ones. These techniques make blog posts more engaging and more readable. They include:

  • Clear and engaging headlines
  • Scannable lists and headings
  • Properly sourced information
  • Careful proofreading

Readability is an important part of improving your legal blog content. The most engaging legal blog in the world won’t serve potential clients well if those clients are unable to read and understand it. A professional writer leverages the strategies listed above to ensure readers are engaged, informed, and interested in connecting with your firm.

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