3 Tips for Writing Family Law Blog Posts

Gabriel May 31, 2020

While everyone wishes they were part of one big happy family, often, that cohesive family unit can become splintered and divided. The result: divorce, emancipation, and many other complex, emotional issues. It’s in these tumultuous times that users may turn to the internet to search for answers.

As a law firm, you want to make sure your site is the first these users see. While it may look like a simple task, snagging a spot at the top of Google’s search results is a demanding undertaking. However, smart use of your law firm’s blog can help propel you to a podium finish. By creating engaging, informative content on a regular basis, this powerful tool will expand your online presence and help you reach more clients than ever before. Use these tips to make sure every post packs a punch:

1. Answer a Question

As a lawyer, you’ve spent hours with clients answering their questions and addressing concerns. When writing your posts, these conversations can be a rich source of inspiration that will help you generate topic ideas and draw your attention to relevant information. For instance, if you know clients filing for divorce are often worried about disputes over marital property, it can be useful to create content that answers common questions on the topic. Having an understanding of your intended audience and the issues they are facing will be a guiding light for your content.

2. Keep It Clean

Maintaining a tidy office is important if you want to send the message that your law firm is a professional practice. Even a messy desk can be enough to scare off potential clients. In your articles, you have the same responsibility to ensure that not one element is out of place. Typos, grammatical errors, and clunky prose may leave readers thinking you’re reckless, uncommitted, or incompetent. Bottom line: it’s not a good look. As such, it’s important you edit your articles more than once as it’s a chance to tidy up your language, nix any errors, and revise each paragraph.

3. Structure for Scannability

As technology has advanced, so has the way we consume content. The internet has introduced the world to a glut of information which has turned the average user into an expert at scanning through content and picking out the relevant sections. Articles need to cater to this new mindset or risk being ignored altogether. You should use concise subheaders, bullet points, and infographics to break up your content and convey information in an easy-to-understand, digestible manner. Once you’ve written your article, ask yourself: “Will the reader understand the gist of this content just by scanning the article?”

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