3 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Be Blogging

Gabriel Feb 16, 2020

Once the favorite pastime of home cooks and minimalist travelers, blogging has expanded to become a powerful tool for businesses to advertise their services and connect with customers. However, as an attorney, you may be wondering where your content fits in between the recipes, product reviews, and travel guides. In this article, we discuss why you should be blogging and how you can use this platform to develop a long-lasting relationship with clients and drive traffic to your site.

1. Boost Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how you will bring clients to your site and, ultimately, through your door. But this three-letter acronym can seem like a four-letter word as you struggle to come to grips with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. While a comprehensive SEO strategy should adapt to these changes, there is one fundamental rule: content is king.

High-quality content—specifically, helpful content that is structured for SEO—is prioritized by search engines. Also, publishing content regularly tells Google that your site is a frequently updated, authoritative source, which of course can help boost your ranks.

In most cases, nobody thinks about hiring a lawyer until the moment they’re dealing with a serious legal issue. The average American isn’t keeping an attorney on retainer for the day they have a car accident.

The way clients pick their representation often starts with a Google search. When you publish exceptional content regularly that provides actual value to your target audience, there will be a much higher chance your site will show up on searches for those topics and the related keywords.

2. Nurture Relationships with Clients

As a lawyer, you want to connect your knowledge and expertise to the problems your users are facing. If you’re a car accident attorney, you know what types of questions clients will typically ask: How do you file a motor vehicle accident claim? What should I do after a crash? Will my premiums increase after a collision? When you provide helpful, accurate answers to these questions in a way that is accessible, you will start to earn their trust.

The ability to check all of those boxes with a single article or series of posts is what makes your blog such a powerful tool. It’s through blogging that you can begin to nurture relationships, thus improving the chances that your readers will choose your law firm for representation in their time of need.

3. Advertise Your Areas of Knowledge

Blogs allow you to address specific areas of law, giving you the ability to showcase your knowledge across a range of topics. For example, a car accident attorney may have experience handling many types of accidents such as motorcycle crashes, hit-and-runs, and truck collisions.

By creating targeted blog posts with the appropriate topics, you can advertise your areas of knowledge to the relevant users. This ensures you’re not bombarding, let’s say, victims of motorcycle accidents with information on your experience negotiating with insurers in a truck collision case.

As a result, you’re able to advertise the full range of your expertise without alienating other clients. Your content is now representative of you as a lawyer and not reduced to a short biography on your homepage. Ultimately, you’re widening the net with each post, increasing your chances of landing new clients online.

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